IslandAid Sierra Leone is a community based development oriented organisation that is promoting coast and island biodiversity conservation, innovative climate action, environmental sustainability, local community social and economic development, cultural heritage preservation, ecotourism development and sustainable livelihood; and also promoting the campaign against gender based violence and inequality, and local economic development initiatives.

The organisation’s philosophy is based the working principle of balanced development and environment sustainability, against the background of Island paradox, which narrative has been the organisation’s aim to change, so that island could once again be considered as the poetry and politics of places for tourism development; the haven and treasure trove for biodiversity; and the catalyst for social, economic and cultural and technological innovation for sustainable development.

As a community driven initiative, IslandAid Sierra Leone was established in 2010 but became fully operational in 2014 to escalate the vulnerabilities (social, economic, ecological and environmental) of the country’s Islands and coasts, which are twenty (22); stratified into five (5) locations; viz, Rokel     river, Bankasoka river, Atlantic ocean and Sewa/Moa rivers.

The organisation is currently run by eight (8) permanent staff and twelve volunteers, which head      office is in Freetown, and its branch focal offices in Tasso, Pepel, Turtle, Bonthe and Banana Islands.

Island Mangroves vegetation

Island community Stakeholders in promoting Island resilience and envioronmental sustainability

The Islands, even though they are one of the precious gems of a nation; and drivers for tourism development, but are however left at the mercy of ecological, environmental, social and economic vulnerabilities, which have had negative  effect in the lives of the Islanders;  subjected to economic misery and abject poverty. This is evidenced by unsafe drinking water, environmental hazards, poor sanitation, wide gap of social and economic inequality, child abuse, domestic violence, social excess/ills, child and women abuse, outbreak of endemic    diseases, like malaria, cholera, dysentery, HIV/AIDS; and also devoid of alternative economic  livelihood.

Unprotected wells on the Islands

The organisation’s development   priorities or interventions are stratefied  to escalate  key thematic areasl to address the predicaments faced by the twenty-two coast and island communities within the five river locations. These focus areas are:

  • Innovative Climate Action
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Biodiversity conservation and Ecosystem/habitat restoration
  • Island Micro-franchise development as a solution to poverty
  • Island Ecotourism development
  • Campaign for Balance development
  • Island Development Financing
  • Sustainable livelihood

Youth and Women Empowerment and capacity building

Sand mining


Partnership in action towards community-led transformation of islanders through sustainable development initiatives, improved quality of life, restored biodiversity and protected ecosystem.


Improved quality of life for every islander and the heart to provide alternative livelihoods in vulnerable habitats/ecosystems.